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How Do You Know if a Corner Bath is Right or Left Handed

More people are choosing to have a corner bath rather than the usual rectangular tub. If you have a bathroom that currently feels a bit crowded then a corner bath may give you the extra room that you want. Not only will a corner bath free up some space in your bathroom, it will also give you a comfortable place in which to have a good soak. Most people who opt for this style of bath say that it is surprisingly comfortable to be in, largely because a corner bath is very often deeper than the more usual rectangular bath.

The offset corner bath comes in both right and left handed designs but you need to know whether it is a right or left handed tub that you need before you buy. You can determine whether a corner bath is right or left handed, depending on where the taps and fixtures are placed. If it is right handed then the taps and fittings will be on the left hand side of the bath, and if is left handed then the fixtures and taps will be on the right side of the bath.

There are many different types of corner baths, some of which are also shower baths. The type of model that you choose will depend on the rest of your bathroom fittings and d?cor. Whether you decide upon a right or left handed corner bath may be determined by where the actual pipes and drainage are laid. If all the drainage is to the left then you will probably need a right-handed bath, and if all of this is to the right then you should choose a left-handed corner bath.

If you have a very small bathroom then you may want to consider a recessed corner bath. Recessed baths are an ideal fit in a 5 by 7 bathroom as they fit neatly into a corner of the room. Most recessed baths are 5ft long and 14 inches deep but you can get them a foot longer and several inches deeper. Some models are made from melded steel that has been given an enamel finish, but these are prone to chipping. If you want a recessed bath that will last then it is worth paying a bit more for cast iron with an enamel finish, providing your floor is strong enough to take the weight.

Corner baths do come in different sizes, and if you want room to stretch out then an offset corner bath may be better for you than one of the smaller variety. While there are different sizes available, as well as a variety of materials and designs that go into their manufacture, rectangular shaped baths do allow more stretching room. Having said that, most corner baths are five feet long so not too bad for soaking in. If you only have a small space then a rectangular version just may not be an option. There are different types of corner baths and only you can decide which one will look best in the type of bathroom that you have in mind.

Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For a great range of Corner Baths, he recommends Click Bathrooms.

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