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Gun Safe Or Gun Cabinet The First Thing You Need To Ask

Things have changed a lot since I was a child. We never locked our doors at night. Now we keep them lock day or night, if I am home or not. The only time we do not lock our doors is if I am outside working in the yard. The reason I made those statements with all of that said what are the chances that someone will break into your home? By keeping all of my doors locked and cars and trucks parked inside the garages I feel confident that the likelihood of someone breaking into my home is slim. The reason I park my vehicles in the garage the neighbor left car out on the street and when they went away for the weekend someone broke the window out of the vehicle and used the garage door opener to let themselves into the home. I am a believer that if a thief truly wants in he is going to get in. I am not going to make it easy for a thief to simple walk in but unless I have an armed guard twenty four hours what is a working man or woman to do? I do feel safe in my area and where I live.

Sorry, I got a little winded. You have two styles or ways of gun storage. You can keep your rifles, shotguns, pistols and all of the other firearms in gun cabinet. A wooden gun cabinet is one of the most common in homes today. It is a place that you can display you favorite rifle or that special side by side shotgun that your grandfather passed onto you. A metal gun cabinet is made of metal but placed for easy access to you guns when a need a raises but is keep secured until then. Both of these styles of gun storage are lockable. They are designed to keep them out of unauthorized person's hands.

The gun safe is another style of gun storage. The gun safe keep your rifles, over and under shotguns, revolvers and the other guns that you own a lot more secure than a gun cabinet. The hinges of the safe in hidden on the inside and not exposed to would be thief. The safe is made of a thicker steel and that added weight act to a deter anyone from simply taking the gun safe and break into it later when they have more time and better tools to do so. Something you cannot replace that shotgun that my grandfather passed on to me. Yes, I could go out and buy that same brand of shotgun but it would not be the same.

Which style are you going to buy?

I work hard to support my family and keep them safe. I also enjoy the outdoors from hiking, camping, Paintball, fishing and hunting . I have hunted ever thing from squirrels and rabbits, woodcocks, quail and deer in Ohio and Alabama, pheasant in Iowa, Bears and Ruffle Grouse in Canada.

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