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How To Learn Guitar With YouTube Videos

Here is the seventh article in a series of articles on beginner guitar lessons which has been taking a look at the excellent how to learn guitar videos that have been produced by the likes of beefcakejcc and rockongoodpeople, both of which are free YouTube channels, excellent for people trying to find a free lessons. When deciding to learn guitar online it can be hard to find the best resources. The beginning guitar lessons that are made by rockongoodpeople are both interesting and content rich and possibly the best choice when deciding to learn guitar online.

If you are trying to learn guitar chords, or just wanting to learn the guitar in general, then you cannot go wrong with the rockongoodpeople online videos, and the one we present here is no exception. The tutor tells us that the lesson will begin with some very simple arpeggiation patterns, these are one of the fundamental guitar techniques that need to be mastered by all guitar players and fit well with online guitar videos, as the camera can be made to show the left hand fingering along with the right hand technique at the same time, as it does in this video. The teacher uses an A sus 2 chord for the first demonstration of arpeggios. By combining down picking with up picking the teacher quickly demonstrates how arpeggios can form complex melodies. By using a simple bottom E string fingering a complex melody is created and sustained, with very little effort from the left hand.

By bringing in an E major chord, the teacher extrapolates on the idea of the bass note alternation using the left hand fingering and creates quite a complex melody. This time, an alternative picking style is used by the right hand, with more variation on the actual strings that are being picked. A circular progression is produced, using two very simple chords. Often online guitar videos fail to demonstrate a technique sufficiently; however this one really does reinforce each concept fully. By using a handful of very easy to play chords a whole song is produced. If you want to know how to learn guitar online in a short space of time, try this video, you will be playing something recognizable in minutes.

The left hand camera shows is that the left hand is doing very little throughout the whole progression, by simply playing arpeggio patterns with the left hand and changing only 1 finger position on the fret board we have a very complex melody being played, certainly one which could be mastered by somebody just beginning the guitar. If you are trying to learn guitar online this is the kind of online videos you should be watching. Excellent results which can be mastered in minutes and sound great.

If you are figuring out how to learn the guitar and are on a budget, then both of the YouTube channels mentioned in this article are exceptional. The beefcakejcc channel is a little more serious and tends to teach in a traditional style. Whilst the rockongoodpeople channel is far more informal and in many ways more fun. If you are trying to find out how to learn guitar chords, or any other type of guitar playing technique, then guitar videos lessons are a cost effective and efficient way to learn how to play. The video presented in this article manages to teach an advanced subject in a slick and efficient manner. Even more advanced players would enjoy this tutorial, as it simplifies the whole concept of arpeggios in the extreme.

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